ISMAR 2018
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Industry Keynote

Apple’s ARKit - Introduction, concepts and technology

This talk provides a high level introduction to Apple’s ARKit, including the very recent updates shipping with iOS 12, as well as a deep dive into the inner workings of various pieces of the framework and the underlying technology.

Apart from a select set of first and third party applications we present the core concepts of ARKit both from a frameworks as well as an algorithmic perspective. In addition to the pure technological challenges we also describe our approach in creating an easy to use yet powerful Augmented Reality framework that is available to a broad set of developers as well as a very large customer base. The talk concludes with insights into selected Computer Vision and Machine Learning approaches that power the foundation of ARKit.

Michael Kuhn
Michael Kuhn Apple
Marion Maerz
Marion Maerz Apple
Stefan Auer
Stefan Auer Apple


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